How to Develop Fluency with Sentences

How to Develop Fluency through the Mass Sentence Method

Mike Campbell is a polyglot and linguist with over 20 years of expereince learning languages. In this episode of the podcast we disccus:

  • How to translate ideas
  • Why it’s important to translate ideas instead grammatically correct sentences
  • The importance of awareness in language learning
  • Why you should concentrate on achieving fluency at level B1 and B2 instead of C1 and C2
  • How emotions are expressed differently in different languages
  • The relationship between muscle memory and fluency
  • The relationship between language and music


Mike’s website: www.glossika.com

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How to Develop a Feel for a Foreign Language

Developing a Feel For a Foreign Language

Chris Parker started to study Mandarin in 2006. He has worked as a translator and simultaneous interpreter between Chinese and English, and has taught interpretation in the UK and in Beijing.

In this episode of the podcast we discuss:

  • Chris’ experience learning Mandarin Chinese to fluency
  • How to develop a feel for a foreign language
  • Translation as a tool for breaking into a new language
  • Native language interference in foreign language learning  



Language Learning as a Tool for Personal Development

Language Learning as a Tool for Personal Development

Randy Hunt is on a mission to learn a new language fluently every year. His passion for learning about other cultures and meeting new people has helped him succeed with languages. Listen to this episode where he shares how languages have helped him live a  better life and  what he’s learned on his journey.

In this episode of the podcast we discuss:

  • Fear in language learning and how to overcome it
  • Breaking through plateaus
  • Language learning as a tool for personal-development
  • How languages can help you discover things about your personality
  • What separates unsuccessful language learners from successful learners.
  • And much more…


[Tweet “”The only way to be unafraid of something is to experience it and push my boundaries. I’m always trying new things.””]

[Tweet “”I came to the conclusion that if I can’t do something for myself, nothing is going to get done.””]

[Tweet ““You don’t learn languages to collect them or brag. You learn to communicate with people.””]



Engineering the Successful Language Learner’s Mindset

Engineering the Successful Language Learner’s Mindset

Michał Grześkowiak is passionate coach for life and language, musician, polyglot, marathon runner and speaker who inspires people to reach their full potential.

His language learning journey didn’t start too long ago but he already has half a dozen languages under his belt.

His secret: language learning must be fun.

Listen to this episode where we share tips and strategies for injecting fun into your learning and overcoming your biggest fears.

In this episode of the podcast we discuss:

  • The constructive mindset for effective learning
  • Actionable steps for injecting fun into your learning
  • The identity paradox: how self-identity can open or close doors in your life
  • The different components of mindset
  • The value in lowering your standards
  • And much more…

[Tweet ““Language influences your identity. What you say reflects  what you do or don’t do. It’s all connected.””]
[Tweet ““What am I? I am a citizen of the world!””]
[Tweet ““A constructive mindset will overcome any obstacle, while having fun as you do it.””]

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How to Live your Life through Language (Luca Lampariello)

Living Life through Language (Luca Lampariello)

Luca is an Italian polyglot and a prolific YouTuber who after many years struggling to make progress with languages found a way to learn in his home country, without taking classes and is now able to speak 12 fluently.

He’s often mistaken for a native speaker in the languages he speaks and he owes this all to the lifestyle and the method he’s developed for learning languages.

Luca is one of today’s most influential and successful polyglots and in this episode of the podcast he describes how he lives his life through languages and why it’s key to his success as a language learner.

We’ll be giving  100 listeners access to 1 hour of the 8-hour exclusive masterclass held by Luca “How To MASTER Any Language”. Listen to this episode to know how to enter the giveaway!

In this episode of the podcast we discuss:

  • The meaning behind Language being Culture
  • How different mediums  (books, articles, films, documentaries, music) play a different part in the language learning process
  • How to use these different mediums,  what to look for and
  • The difference between passive and active learning and how they play a role in the language learning process.
  • Different mental processes you can use to enhance the way you process language
  • The importance of being open and allowing people into your life for language learning
  • The importance of being communicative in language learning
  • How to improve your social skills and why this is important for language learning
  • How to make the most of people for language learning
  • Mental time with the language –  what this means, why it’s important and how to do it.
  • What different each of the 12 languages Luca speaks has taught him about the language learning process
  • And much, much more…

Bonus videos with David Mansaray and Luca Lampariello:


[Tweet ““ Language learning is a personal road,  you need to find a method that’s fun and efficient for YOU.””]

[Tweet ““ Human interaction in a pleasant, relaxed environment about a topic you like is highly effective.””]

[Tweet ““Language learning can change your life, it is not difficult, and it can be fun.””]


Luca’s Blog: http://www.thepolyglotdream.com/

Luca on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Polyglot-Dream/227784060568092

Luca on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Poliglotta80

Luca on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/poliglotta80